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Here you can put forward your thought and ideas, ask questions and comment on any subject connected you like, but hopefully with some connection to Transition, Peak Oil or Climate Change.

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Incinerator enquiry: report 18.3.10

Todays brief update at the PE.

The morning started where it left off yesterday with the CC witnessSimon Stephenson(Noise) being cross examined by SITA QC Mr Phillips. This involved all aspects of noise involving, HGVs, footpaths, Bodella and Rostowrack farms, China Clay Drying Plants, La Mont, and other properties were discussed. questioned and answered. SITA QC still scrapping for real content. Many trivial issues. Certainly no brownie points again for him.

Mr Stephenson was then cross examined by the inspector and the CC QC Mr.King. Questions and answers were concise and relevant resulting in good answers.
In my opinion Mr Stephenson won on points overall.

Mr Stephen Vinson another CC witness was then called(Economics and Regeneration). He was then cross examined by the CC 's Mr Boyle. This was the best period to date. Mr Vinson gave a good opening statement (which I thought was excellent) with Mr Boyle asking very relevant questions which resulted in the kind of answers which supported our campaign.

The effects of CERCs on the pro.Eco towns/areas, food industry and employment were well presented. Top marks to Mr Vinson. good session.

Glad to see bigger attendance today, Today closed at 5.10pm.

FTA of Mr Roy Taylor, public speaking is scheduled for 21 April more than likely at St.Dennis. Will keep you informed.



Just a brief report on wed. at the PE. as I saw it.

The morning continued as things were left on Tues. pm with the CCwitness Roger Miles being cross examined by SITA QC.

The afternoon followed the same pattern apart from the inspector getting a bit fed up with the lack of progress by SITA QC and his lack of real content in his cross examination.

In my opinion Mr Roger Miles gave a very good performance with the content of his replies being concise and clear. He did not fall for the aggressive manner which he was cross examined with. No brownie poInts here for SITA. I would say the points went to Mr Miles.

After afternoon tea break Mr Roger Miles was then cross examined by the CC QC who invited positve answers to relevant issues. Mr Miles duly obliged.

E. closed just before 5pm.

Just a little report on the site visit by the Enquiry Inspector late this afternoon. I was asked by Mr Robinson this morning if I would accompany him later today on a site visit along with a County Council rep. and a SITA rep. Mr Robinson also asked which organisations I was connected with. I informed him that I was chair of Strategy Group, a
Parish Councillor, Chair of Trustees of War Memorial Institute and board member of Claytawc.

The group consisted of Mr Robinson, the inspector, his deputy, did'nt catch his name, Chris Daly, Tim Grenwood and myself. Tim Greenwood was driving. The site visit started at Kingsley at 5pm and went something like this

Travelled to highgate interchange then on to the C184 road to Stamps, stopped at pro.entrance to haul road, Chris Daly explained old road and new haul road route, I explained that haul road would bisect site of Historic value. Then moved on to haul road access at McLarens and viewed haul road site left and right. next moved onto haul road exit at Banktop. After viewing moved on to La Mont corner where Chris and
myself pointed out footpath entrances and access road entrance. Then travelled thro' Treviscoe and on to Parkandillick where we first viewed the Engine house. Mr Robinson very interested in working state and purpose. I explained it's history and the fact that parts of the
engine had come from an earlier mine at Wheal Kitty, St.Agnes. The site of the St.Agnes mine can be seen from the Parkandilick Engine House and has been often referred to by old engineers as mother looking at her daughter. I then pointed out that if the incinerator was built this view would not be possible.

We next moved on to the rail bridge at Parkandillick to view the site fields and footpaths. Mr Robinson was interested in the use of the railway line and was informed of traffic by Chris. Next we moved on to the WMC car park and then walked down to Fore Street to view from outside Boscawen. Mr Robinson was keen to use the WMC hall from the St.Dennis public speakers session. Many questions were asked about Clay industry and waste tips also regeneration projects. Chris and I

Next move was to the church where Chris and I explained all the views and features. I gave the history of 'pointy' and 'flaty' conical tips after being asked, and explained their significance to School and Parish image. We then moved into the church yard where after questions various features were pointed out, such as ancient monument celtic cross,
when was church built, when was it a hill fort, and significance of hedge construction and age. The Nat.Grid Power station was pointed out as was whole of Goss Moor and Castle-an-Dinas and all relevant farms and properties in view.

This site visit was completed at 1810 hrs back at Kingsley.

Excellent attendance today at Kingsley.well done.