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... for greater sustainability and local resilience

Comment and Discussion

Here you can put forward your thought and ideas, ask questions and comment on any subject connected you like, but hopefully with some connection to Transition, Peak Oil or Climate Change.

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Dydh da oll,
I am sending this out to a great many of you as many of you are discussed in this paper.
The whole paper has been written by or rather put together by a Mr John Scanlon on behalf of SITA UK so as to make it look as though we are all idiots, and are talking out of our rear ends.
The whole paper should be found on the CC web site. It is too big for me to send out.
All documents are being put on to this web site so they are open to the whole planet.
Dyw genes
Elizabeth Hawken MRSH Chair CSWN 01726 861039


Dydh da oll,
When I read the attached letter which was sent to our Council from Patel, although signed by J Burns, I find it abhorrent that a government department should in all tense and purpose be working for an incinerator company and not for the public of this country, and demanding who this Council can and can not employ. Has Patel also demanded that his friend Maltbeak be retained so as Patel is still in charge of our democratically elected council here in our Duchy.?
At least this planning appeal is going to bring all the dirty linen out into the open, so as all the public in this Duchy can see what has been going on behind closed doors for far too long.
I have been contemplating the figures that are being branded about liberally on our waste situation, they do not add up.
Three things come to mind; One is we at present are paying SITA between £15, and £17 million per year for them to treat and dispose of our waste.
Two, if this contract were to be disbanded it would only take three years to pay off the around £40 million that we would have to pay them for the work, premises, vehicles etcetera, which would come back into council hands. And, in those three years we would be making money from selling our recycling, which we need to get too a very high rate.
Three, CES has never been destroyed, only put in a draw safely in case it should be needed at short notice at some time in the future.
Things are very different now to when SITA took over from CES. CES did NOT own the two very large recycling depots which CCC and SITA bought from the Smith family. These two facilities along with the upgraded C/A sites and upward trend for all our recycling in this Duchy, are making a quiet fortune in selling recyclables back into the trade. One of the senior managers for SITA told me himself that the recycling made a great deal of money but the incinerator would not make any money what so ever.
We also have a great many companies fighting to get their disposal facilities up and running in this Duchy.
I ask you all this question; why are you permitting this Patel person to beat you all up, you are Kernewek, stand up for yourselves and tell him to go and--- what ever. Tell the public the truth, and they will back you all the way.
The Lib/Dems have a lot to answer on all of this.
What is happening is not your fault, but you have been left in the sticky stuff.
Dyw genes
Elizabeth Hawken MRSH Chair CSWN 01726 861039