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... for greater sustainability and local resilience

Comment and Discussion

Here you can put forward your thought and ideas, ask questions and comment on any subject connected you like, but hopefully with some connection to Transition, Peak Oil or Climate Change.

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'inspirational' - praise indeed!

Paul - This is really first rate content. Brilliant to see how you're progressing - it's inspirational.

Ed - check out the website if you haven't already.

Ben Brangwyn
Transition Network

From: Paul@TNC []
Sent: 17 November 2009 00:24
To: TNC mailing
Subject: Transition North Cornwall - November 2009

Hello everyone,

We are another month nearer to Copenhagen, perhaps the most important international meeting in history.

At Copenhagen we will either get concrete and specific agreement on steps reducing emissions in the atmosphere to no more than 350 ppm (currently already 385ppm), in which case we will have some 50% chance of limiting temperature increase to 2C - OR we will not, in which case we can look forward to the various natural triggers forcing mean temperature to increase by 6C+. 6C would mean the Sahara would reach Paris.

To show your support for the former you might like to travel to London for The Wave on 5th December ( This is expected to be the largest demonstration since the anti Iraq war march, which attracted some 2 million people.

You can travel by bus for £2 each way ( or join the Bude or Launceston group bus:

In the meantime, Transition North Cornwall website has reached another milestone: we have now accumulated 1000 articles and contributions!
New items are added at a rate of 2-3 every day, so do make sure you don't miss anything of interest to you.

Such as

The Renewable Energy section, which lists various installers of renewable energy, anything from a wind turbine, solar water heating, solar PV panels, wood burners and sustainable local wood pellets.

Here at Cottage Farm, for example, we no longer pay for water or space heating, which we get instead from a combination of heat store powered by solar water heating tubes and a wood burner, using own wood. Should be useful as the next oil shock approaches.

There are numerous Transition Events listed in the Events section, including 7Dec09: Rural Tourism for farms, 8Dec09: 'business risk:oil' seminar and even more items in the Calendar section covering the whole of Cornwall.

The Transition News section is packed with many reports of news relevant to Transition. My Favourite is Stupid on BBC and other reports from Franny Armstrong of The Age of Stupid fame.

New Organizations added since our last email include The Stop Climate Chaos Coalition of some 100+ mainstream organisations, (referring to the 350ppm ceiling) and including 350 - An incredible video. Plus Local Action on Food, which welcomes individual farmers as well as community and commercial organisations.


In support of the Cornish Diet objectives Transition North Cornwall have developed a directory of Local Food Producers. Currently 66 producers have joined the project and more are being added. The directory is freely available at this website and producer entries are free of charge. Some 200 copies of a short version of the directory were handed out at the Bude exhibition and more are available for any future event.
Every producer can describe their business as they wish, including all their contact details and links to their own websites. Customers can leave comments (as replies to producers entries) on their experiences and quality of products and service. If you know of a good local food producer not yet on the list, do let me have their details and I will do the rest.

Major New Peak Oil Study was published and we have the Executive Summary. Do have a look at it. It is applicable to almost any specific town or location and we all have something to learn from it. Other new items in the Learning Resources section include Ready Steady Skip and A Renewable World, both well worth reading.

And finally, we have a Free Electricity Monitor available for a week at a time. We found it to be invaluable in assessing where our electricity consumption is going and therefore what we can do about it. Let me know if you would like to use it.

Do let me know if you are ready to call a meeting in your village or Parish. We will be happy to assist with suitable films, talk or presentation. Several Parishes and locations have benefited already and more are planned for early in 2010.

Good luck with your preparations.

Transition North Cornwall Ltd:
Tel: 01840 230 548 email: