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... for greater sustainability and local resilience



Here is a list of events of interest to the whole of the North Cornwall Area, future, present and past.

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Welcome to Transition

Our mission is to help establish greater sustainability and local resilience to help combat the impending disasters of Peak Oil & Climate Change, to support development of the Transition Movement and to act as an information sharing network.
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How to save human civilisation

The enormous growth in GDP over the past 150 years is almost entirely due to the discovery and use of fossil fuels. We now know that the same fossil fuels have caused damage to the planet's ecosystems that will last for many thousands of years and the damage will grow in intensity exponentially until all the natural positive feedback loops have played themselves out, i.e. it won't stop until all the ice on the planet has melted.

Why we should not pay the mooted “Brexit bill”

Not one of the main elements of the mooted “Brexit bill” is a genuine liability!

In considering the EU’s demand for an exit fee of €60bn plus, the Government may decide that the sums involved are not worth the cost of failure to reach a trade agreement. However, the issue is a minefield – politically in Britain, in potentially souring relations between Britain and the EU, and in determining who blinks first in the coming negotiations.

Plan for post-Brexit Cornwall

It is hopefully understood by everybody that the greatest threat to ourselves, indeed to the whole of human civilisation is Climate Change which is rapidly developing into a full blown Climate Chaos. This is a far greater danger than anything else on the horizon. I hope there is no need to explain that further.

Therefore the steps we need to take are those that address Climate Change, help with mitigation and adaptation. Brexit can be helpful in this respect, but only if make use of the opportunities it offers to help attack the main problem.

The Way forward after Brexit

The Way forward after Brexit

UK should as soon as practicable present the EU with our Leaving papers: Out, no negotiations, straight to WTO terms, starting 1 Jan 2017.
Globalisation has been a disaster - for the people and for the planet.

Immigration is profoundly unethical

Immigration is profoundly unethical.

Encouraging brain drain from poor country to our own because we have failed to train enough people for certain professions is the worst type of exploitation.

They have the cost of bringing up the brightest children, educating them, bringing them to a point where they could really help their country get out of the grounding poverty they are trapped in - and then we come along, set up recruitment agencies, attract them with salaries not dreamed off in their own countries and whisk them over here to repair our own inadequacies.

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Farm energy for the nation

Farms need to provide not just food but also large proportion of energy.

Farms and other estates own and are in control of large proportion of the land and land is where most of the current technologies extract renewable energy from, be it wind turbines, or PV arrays on marginal land, AD plants or biomass production.

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The last civilisation

The development spurt experienced in the past 200 years is entirely based on the discovery of cheap and later almost free energy (such as the 50,000 : 1 return on capital for energy from sweet crude in the Arabian peninsula).

Such almost free and apparently almost unlimited resource is bound to lead to enormous development and could have led to a truly rich and equal, satisfying society. Unfortunately we have allowed two trends to develop, which will lead to the complete destruction of the current civilisation. These are

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Facts not getting through

Facts not getting through

The facts about Global Warming are just not getting through to the public, so here is my bit for the education of all the NIMBYs up there:

If Global Warming exceeds 2C then natural positive feedback processes will push it to 6C with unstoppable force, which will result in the desertification of most of the planet surface.
So far global temperature has risen by 0.8C and a further 0.8C worth of CO2 is already in the atmosphere. We therefore have just 0.4C to play with before the planet will be set to become largely uninhabitable by humans.

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Budget for Transition

Budget for Transition

Well, the 2009 Budget really is staggering:
· Projected slump this year of 3.5%

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The year of transition

Thank you everyone who participates in the forum, keeping it informative, entertaining, and relatively peaceful! Let's keep it that way and expand it further in the new year.

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The secret energy crisis

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Learning Resources

This section is used to list resources available to Groups and individuals across North Cornwall. To use any of the Resources, just contact the originator of the message.

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