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... for greater sustainability and local resilience

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This is the place to share news, discuss local topics and to tell everyone about good local suppliers.

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T.Bude, groups established

If you are from the general Bude area and would like to be involved in Transition Bude, please come to the next meeting and/or email and/or just post a comment in this section, the Bude Forum. Thank you


Notes Following Showing of Film Peak Oil: Imposed by Nature, 18th May 2009

In total some 20 people attended the meeting.

After some introductory remarks by Paul and Geoff we watched the short film 'Peak Oil- Imposed by Nature', which brought home to everyone just how important Peak Oil is.

Paul talked about the likelihood of the 2008 energy crisis repeating itself at higher intensity as soon as any recovery begins, driving the economy back into recession. It is likely that 2008 was the last year of the Age of Growth and 2009 marks the start of the Age of Decline in economic terms. All this makes it imperative that we engage in Transition asap, increasing the resilience of our communities to better withstand the coming shocks.

Saving the Planet Event: Sept 19th, Sept 24th and October 1st

Geoff explained the Christians Together group initiative now merged with Transition Bude. Attached details of event with list of stalls requested to date

Joint working group to convene on June 3rd with Nick Compton representing Transition Bude. One other person from TB desirable.

The meeting agreed to establish some initial Groups:

Food Group

Mary Whibley, Nessie Nichols, Richard Nichols, Mark Seaman, Robert Merridith, Paul Sousek

Mary offered to visit Hartland to see their very successful Farmer's Market.
Reference made to Act of Parliament requiring local Councils to consider Allotments if a certain number of people request them.
Food Directories mentioned
Education through classes on growing vegetables and work in schools
Resource person mentioned re planting of Orchards
Reference to National Society for Allotments
Food and Cooking initiative mentioned specifically re vulnerable children
Garden sharing, farmers and general market, how to grow ... sessions, grant schemes

Transport & Energy Group

Peter Adams, Paul Sousek - more needed, volunteers please

Reference made to Ruby Country Initiative
Reference to Celtic Solar at Egloskerry

Education/Awareness Raising/ Events Group

Vicky Barnes, Geoff Newton - more needed, volunteers please

Children' Competition mooted as part of Saving the Planet Exhibition initiative as main thrust of Awareness raising for children and young People.
Earth education, Bude school

Way Forward

Jo Munday of Post fame to be invited to TB meeting after his A levels at end of June - July? Also invite Post journalist for town to meeting with Jo. Vicky Barnes a neighbour of both and will sound out/invite/secure notional commitment.

Film to be shown June 18th 'A Farm for the Future' shown BBC 2 20th Feb 2009 see on the website, Resources section .

Steering Group

Peter Adams, Paul Sousek, Nick Compton, Geoff Newton, plus group representatives


Couple of suggestions:
1. Get and read the Transition Handbook by Rob Hopkins - that's a very good way of understanding the process and getting started
2. Examine, register and contribute your own thoughts to the website: (to reply to or comment on an item, press the 'reply' button and type away, to insert a new item/ event/ organisation/ supplier: click on 'add new comment' and type away)
Any problems, email Paul at